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Блоггеры о круизах

France Passion Plaisance предлагает Вам познакомиться с речными круизами по материалам, подготовленным энтузиастами-блоггерами, которые делятся впечатлениями от своих пройденных маршрутов.
Интересные истории, хорошие идеи для маршрутов, фотографии и видео.

Часть #1 : Madame Oreille в Эльзасе

Episode 1

FPP Travel / Les Canalous представляет:

Часть первая: "Madame Oreille" в Эльзасе

Madame Oreille en Alsace

Замечательные фотографии и видео!

Lien Часть 1 (фотографии)
Lien Часть 2 (фотографии, рассказ и мини-видео)
Lien Часть 3 (видео)

Часть #2 : Mes Doudoux в Майенне

Episode 2

The soap "The blogger cruise" goes on!
This time, Miss Brownie, blog « Mes Doudoux et Cie », explains her cruise
with her three children.

2nd part : Mes Doudoux et Cie in Mayenne (available in French only)

Mes Doudoux et Cie en Mayenne

Прекрасные фотографии и советы для круиза по Майенну.

Lien link article 1 : выбор круиза
Lien link article 2 : первые впечатления
Lien link article 3 : зоопарк
Lien link article 4 : прекрасная кухня региона
Lien link article 5 : круиз с детьми на борту
Lien link article 6 : советы для круиза по Майенну

Часть #3 : Mes Petits Bonheurs - река Ло

Episode 3

Another episod of our soap "La Croisière des Blogueurs" !
This time, Rachel, of the blog « Mes Petits Bonheur », explains her cruise along the Lot River.
Crew: 4 adults and 2 children on board a Tarpon 42 N.
Beautiful pictures of the Lot Valley and videos (how to operate the boat, locking through) worth to see...

3rd episod: Mes Petits Bonheurs (available in French only)

Mes Petits Bonheurs

Lien link article 1 : the preparation
Lien link article 2 : first impressions
Lien link article 3 : video of handling of the boat
Lien link article 4 : video of the manual lock
Lien link article 5 : canal boat : advice
Lien link article 6 : photo album of the Lot river

Part #4 : Vol714 on le Canal du Midi

Episode 4

Another episod of our soap "The blogger cruise"!
Jean-François, of the blog Vol714.com, explains his cruise along the Canal du Midi
with his crazy young crew!
Crew: 4 adults on board a Tarpon 42 N.
Very useful tourist information, magnificent photos and videos (lock, slide show photos)...

4th episode: Vol714


Lien link article 1 : Boat's presentation
Lien link article 2 : Canal du Midi's photos
Lien link article 3 : Life on board
Lien link article 4 : Lock video
Lien link article 5 : Capestang in the Hérault's heart
Lien link article 6 : Release ropes!
Lien link article 7 : Carcassonne, terminus
Lien link article 8 : Slide show photo of the stay

Part #5 : Romain World Tour in Burgundy

Episode 5

Your "The Blogger’s Cruise" serial continues its « Tour de France » !

Romain, author of the famous Romain-world-tour.com blog, tells us about his cruise along the “Canal de Roanne à Digoin” in the heart of Burgundy.
Crew : 12 adults onboard a Tarpon 49 Quattro Prestige.

Attention: a video not to be missed !

5th episode : Romain World Tour

Romain World Tour

Lien link article 1 : photos of the cruise
Lien link article 2 : video of the cruise (not to be missed)

Part #6 : The Green Geekette in Camargue

Episode 6

"The blogger cruise" is landing in Camargue!
Claire, The Green Geekette's blog's autor, describe in détails her cruise
over the Canal du Rhone at Sète in the heart of the Camargue.
Crew: 6 adults on board a Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige

6th episode: The Green Geekette

The Green Geekette

Lien link article 1 : presentation of the week end
Lien link article 2 : the Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige
Lien link article 3 : the life on board
Lien link article 4 : Camargue's photos

Part #7 : Voyageons Autrement in Aquitaine

Episode 7

"The blogger cruise" is landing in Aquitany!
Sébastien, one of the authors of the site Voyageons Autrement, portal about responsible tourism describe its cruise on the Baïse river in the heart of Lot-et-Garonne (Aquitany), from Damazan to Nérac
Crew: 7 adults on board a Triton 1050.

7th episode : Voyageons Autrement

Voyageons Autrement

Lien link article 1 : tale and photos of the cruise
Lien link article 2 : the Toue Cabanée boat

Part #8 : I-travelled.com in Bourgogne

Episode 8

The "Blogger cruise" 8th episode takes you on in Burgundy, from Pontailler sur Saône.

Elyes, I-travelled.com travel's blog author, gives his impressions following his cruise on the petite Seille in the heart of Burgundy.
Crew: 7 adults on board a Tarpon 42 N.

Episode 8

Lien link article 1 : cruise's presentation
Lien link article 2 : cruise tale and photos
Lien link article 3 : the Toue Cabanée

Part #9 : Carnets de Traverse in Bourgogne

Episode 9

« The Bloggers’ Cruise » returns in Burgundy !
Julie aka Lilou left from Digoin and tells us about her journey through two articles with beautiful photos Crew: 6 adults onboard a Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige.

9th Episode: Carnets de Traverse

Carnets de Traverse

Lien link article 1 : presentation of the boat and things to know to be able to navigate
Lien link article 2 : a cruise story and “culinary review”

Part #10 : L’aventure en voyage in Alsace

Episode 10

Alsace welcomes The Bloggers’ cruise!
Estelle from the L’aventure en voyage blog decided to test inland cruising along the canals in Alsace, from Hochfelden
Crew: 6 adults on a Tarpon 42N.

10th episode: L’aventure en voyage

L’aventure en voyage

Lien link article 1 : the cruise story along the Alsace waterways
Lien link article 2 : photo gallery of the journey

Part #11 : Globalgrasshopper in Bourgogne

Episode 11

American bloggers turn up in Pontailler!
Becky and her friends discovered, jut for the weekend, the charms of the Côte d’Or scenery and share them with us.
Crew : 8 persons onboard a Tarpon 42A.

11th episode: Globalgrasshopper


Lien link article 1 : story of the weekend along the waterways (English)

Part #12 : Vagabondes.fr in Mayenne

Episode 12

Meet the bloggers’ cruise in the Mayenne region!
Catherine from Vagabondes.fr left for a few day to discover the unknown yet charming region. Crew: 6 adults and 2 children onboard a Tarpon 42

12th episode : Vagabondes.fr


Lien link article 1 : weekend on a boat on the Mayenne River
Lien link article 2 : from Daon to Pruillé, 22km on the Mayenne Rriver

Part #13 : Mes Petits Bonheurs in Burgundy

Episode 13

The bloggers ‘cruise becomes Burgundian!
Rachel from Mes Petits Bonheurs leaves again with her tribe, this time for a journey in Burgundy, from Pontailler-sur-Saône!
Crew: 5 children and 4 adults onboard a Tarpon 42N

13th episode: Mes Petits Bonheurs

Mes Petits Bonheurs

Lien link article 1 : inland cruise from Pontailler to Mantoche
Lien link article 2 : the Savoyeux tunnel with a beautiful video
Lien link article 3 : inland waterways tourism, on a boat, by bike or on foot!
Lien link article 4 : tourism in Gray, town stopover on the Saône river
Lien link article 5 : video of the inland cruise on the Saône river, five days in five minutes

Part #14 : Merci pour le Chocolat in Charente

Episode 14

The Bloggers’ Cruise returns in the Charente region !
Halima from Merci pour le Chocolat introduces this beautiful region onboard a license free boat, which is full of unlikely views.
Crew: 8 persons on a Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige

14th episode: Merci pour le Chocolat

Merci pour le Chocolat

Lien link article 1 : story of the Charente cruise from Cognac
Lien link article 2 : video of the inland cruise in Charente

Part #15 : Vol714 on the Lot

Episode 15

Vol714 cruising again, this time on the Lot!
Jean-François gets back on a boat on the Lot this time, from Luzech to introduce the scenery with his as mad as ever crew!
Crew: 4 adults on a Tarpon 37N

15th episode : Vol714


Lien link article 1 : presentation of the crew
Lien link article 2 : culinary discovery in Luzech
Lien link article 3 : cruise story and bad weather!
Lien link article 4 : The Valentré Bridge and visit of Cahors
Lien link article 5 : cruise story

Part #16 : Travel-Vox in the South

Episode 16

The bloggers’ cruise returns in the South!
Julien from Travel-Vox brings us in the heat of the Canal du Midi from Colombiers, to benefit from the famous plane trees and from the nice weather!
Crew: 8 adults on a Haines Rive 40

16th episode: Travel-Vox


Lien link article 1 : the Canal du Midi by boat: 5 preconceived ideas on inland waterways tourism

Part #17 : Ménilmonde on the Lot

Episode 17

The bloggers’ cruise go on an adventure on the Lot !
Claire and Max from Ménilmonde bring us on the fabulous Lot river.
Crew: 7 adults on a Tarpon 42N

17th episode: Ménilmonde


Lien link article 1 : the Lot on a boat : presentation of the region
Lien link article 2 : handling the boat and things to know
Lien link article 3 : the same article, in English
Lien link article 4 : superb video to appreciate the beauty of the Lot and the atmosphere of a cruise!

Part #18 : Madame-Oreille in Poland

Episode 18

The bloggers’ cruise emigrate to Poland!
Madame-Oreille bring you far from France to go on an adventure in Poland, from the base of Rybina!
Crew: 4 adults on a Vistula Cruiser 30 and a Weekend 820 Delux

18th episode: Madame-Oreille


Lien link article 1 : Photographed on a boat
Lien link article 2 : First impressions of the cruise
Lien link article 3 : The Elblag-Malbork-Tczew loop
Lien link article 4 : presentation of Gdansk
Lien link article 5 : magnificent video of this journey in Poland

Part #19 : Bull' in Camargue

Episode 19

The bloggers’ cruise continue under the Camargue Sun.
Bull allows us to benefit from their cruise in the Camargue region to show us the tranquility in the low season!
Crew : 6 adults on a Tarpon 37N

19th episode: Bull’ from GeekyandGirly


Lien link article 1 : 5 good reasons to go on a weekend on a boat!

Part #20 : Mammagiramondo in Alsace

Episode 20

The bloggers’ cruise take an Italian accent with Mammagiramondo who went cruising in Alsace!

Crew: 4 adults and a child on a Tarpon 37

20th episode: Mammagiramondo


Lien link article 1 : discoveries and walks in Alsace (Italian)
Lien link article 2 : story along the waterways in Alsace (Italian)

Part #21 : Handicap Au Vent in the Midi (South of France)

Episode 21

Both partners from the Disabled in the Wind blog left for a few days between Homps and Carcassonne to discover our Access Fleet!

Crew: 4 adults on a Triton 1160 Handy

21st episode: Handicap au Vent


Lien link article 1 : small article with video in order to discover the access boat on the Canal du Midi

Part #22 : 3viajesaldia in Camargue

Episode 22

The bloggers’ cruise becomes Spanish the time of a cruise in Camargue with the bloggers from 3viajesaldi!

Crew: 4 adults on a Tarpon 32

22nd episode: 3viajesaldia


Lien link article 1 : presentation of the cruise in Camargue (Spanish)
Lien link article 2 : life onboard and alongside a riverboat (Spanish)
Lien link article 3 : a video which resumes the pleasure of a cruise in Camargue

Part #23 : A Salto de Mata leaving from Digoin

Episode 23

Return of the bloggers in Burgundy, on our Digoin base, with the blogger from A Salto de Mata and his friends!

Crew : 4 adults on an Espade 1230 Handy

23rd episode: A Salto de Mata

A salto de mata

Lien link article 1 : a video representing an inland waterways cruise onboard a Handy boat in Burgundy (Spanish)